General Synfuels Board Of Directors - 2016

Christofer MowryChairman

30 years of experience in energy and infrastructure

Has managed firms with business footprints across Asia, Europe, and the Americas in the power, oil and gas, automation and process industries

John F McCarthy, III

Senior Counsel with Kalbian Hagerty LLP

35 years with Mergers & Acquisitions, Venture Capital and IPOs

Larry VanceFounder

25 years of oil and gas industry experience

Has explored oil shale technology since the 1980s

John S. Shaw

Former Assistant Secretary of Energy

More than 20 years of public service

Elizabeth Moeller

Partner with Pillsbury Law

Leader of Public Policy Practice

Greg Walcher

National leader in natural resources policy

Founder of Natural Resources Group

Andrew Malone

Primary GSI early-state investor

Focused on responsible energy development